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To the self-proclaimed artist…

You see life in everything – the curling of the wind around an evergreen tree, the crawling of a shadow along a burning pavement, the rhythm of the hail beating against your wind-ridden roof. You shout in anger at the … Continue reading

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Tomorrow, I say tomorrow.

Tomorrow,  I say,  I will stop thinking about us. Tomorrow, I will throw out the last few pictures of you in the car, looking away from me, failing to realize how in love I was with you, failing to drive … Continue reading

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A Short Rune on Two Short Lives

Two brother laid their lives to rest on the same day Said the note from the younger: I seek to make life easier for everyone. I am not a good brother and I will never be so perfect as he … Continue reading

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It was midnight when I heard you pass Away into the sleepless night And when I died two hours after, No one was left to notice The undying memory of a soul alight Or the quiet and unbalanced fight.

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This is the goodbye you’ll never get.

At some point, what I felt for you stormed through the oceans, lit itself on fire, and crashed against the rocks… all with one thought: to catch your passing glance as you caught a glimpse of some flash outside. I … Continue reading

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Read through the whole thing, then read it without the parentheses, then read just the parentheses. They tell me (I) “have hope,” that I am a fighter, (am) still worth saving. They tell me that (addicted) as I am, I … Continue reading

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To the boy we all grew up with

How I wish you could have seen how the whole world stopped for you when we were told of your death; How the birds just stopped mid-flight and the autumn leaves just froze even babies stopped crying; How you were … Continue reading

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